Digital Marketing Tools For Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

Digital Marketing Tools For Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

When it comes to applying non-intrusive techniques to connect with the client, the first thing that comes to mind is the word "work". You have to do a lot of things at the same time and 24 hours a day is not enough for everything.

It is advisable to rely on digital marketing and social media tools that offer automated options to save time and help us optimize social networks. Android app development enables linking different marketing tools to a mobile app. Android app development isn’t only for big companies. SMEs can also contact app developers to get a sleek app to monitor their marketing campaign. Here are some options that can help you achieve the expected results based on your action plan.

Google Analytics

It is the ally of many small companies that have no budget to use payment tools. The fact that it is free does not mean that it is not good. On the contrary, when you learn to manage it, it will be very easy for you to understand some important things. For example:

  • Know where your visitors come from
  • What is your behavior on the web
  • What blog content do you like the most?
  • Which products generate more sales
  • Revenue per page

Knowing this data, you will know how to structure your website to offer a better user experience. With Google Analytics, you will discover relevant data that will help you improve the structure of your website. Concerning visits, this tool tells you where the user comes from and with what keywords you have found it. This will allow you to develop content that is related to the Keywords with which visitors came to your website.

Regarding behavior, it lets you know which page the user spends the most time on and gives you the opportunity to improve the structure of your website. In this way, for the next visit, you can improve the user's time of permanence.

The same goes for the blog: knowing which content visitors like the most will help you choose what kind of post you can write for the next post. You can also do keyword research with the Google Keyword Planner. This point is key to position yourself in the search engines. It is important that you add it to your list of digital marketing and social media tools. SMEs can monitor the success of the tools on their devices; thanks to android app development.


The speed of loading is one of the factors that affect the positioning of your website. You have to learn to measure if your site is causing a high percentage of rebound.

If you are an SME or you are beginning to soak up this topic, surely you are wondering what this has to do with achieving the top positions of Google.

The load time influences the purchase decision of users. If you have a slow website, it is very likely that a high percentage of your visitors leave before the first 5 seconds of any of your pages. This is called rebound percentage: that is when a user enters to read a post and instantly returns to the results of Google, without any interaction.

Google evaluates this and, in those sites where that percentage is high, Google will position them low because they do not offer a good user experience. Do you now understand why load speed is important?

GTMetrix is a useful tool because it tells you which page is producing a slow load and offers solutions to improve it. When it detects the error, it generates a detailed report of the analysis, and you can even download it in PDF.

To obtain this information, you have to indicate the address of the web you want to analyze, and after a few seconds, you get a complete report in which dozens of factors that affect the loading speed are analyzed.

Also, there is also a plugin for WordPress, and in the case that you have a website established in this CMS, you will have everything in your hands to work on the positioning of your business.


To improve the positioning of your website it is important to use tools that help you get quality backlinks. We recommend the use of this tool, Ahrefs.

It is perfect to know sites similar to yours since you can analyze what they are doing and ask for collaboration to do link building on their website. If you have good authority, they will be of great support to position you.

One of its advantages is that you can compare five sites at the same time and your records are being constantly updated, which allows you to have in your hand recent information from your competitors. Using this tool with apps developed by top android app development companies will bring unprecedented success to your business.

Among the disadvantages is that it does not have a free version. To access their possibilities, you have to pay a monthly fee.


If there is an essential tool to know all the details of your strategy based on Inbound Marketing, then it is HubSpot. With it, you can know many details and improve them all. Here are some of its benefits:

Help build your buyer person

First, it helps you create a buyer. That is, HubSpot gives you details about all the users that visit your website.

Follow their behavior, giving details about where the user has been interacting, what content they like most and which was the contact route. For example, if the user came to your website through email, social networks, among others.

It's wonderful because tracking does not end until that user becomes a customer, that is until a purchase materializes.

Improve the SEO of your website

Another benefit is that it helps you improve your SEO practices. When you are building new content, it tells you how to use the keywords and distribute them in the content.

With your tools, you can perform a page analysis to see what you can improve or if your page is well positioned.

This tool is multitasking since it has many options. One of its modules allows you to perform an analysis of the competition, study your keywords and give you an idea of how you can improve the competitor's proposal.

Segment information for each user

If there is something that the user likes, it is a fact of feeling well taken care of, and HubSpot can help you. HubSpot gives user details of the behavior of each visitor on the site.

From there, you can build content for each particular client, which is why you will hardly be seen as spam. If you know the taste of each of your customers, you can create content designed especially for each of them.

Facilitate the work of the Community Manager

Posting the same message on all social networks is not good. The community manager of your business has a lot of work because it must adapt the same message to different platforms.

With HubSpot, everything becomes easier, since it helps you to publish the same message in the social networks that you select, but making small adjustments, according to the style of each social network.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best digital marketing and social media tools. It is a kind of virtual assistant, so if you are looking to choose the best one, it will be a good idea to consider using it.

Business can contact top android app development companies to help them develop apps that will enable easy management of their digital marketing campaign. The listed tools will help develop SEO friendly sites and create customers’ loyalty. Combining these tools with apps developed by top android app development companies will result in success for the company.

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