Cutting Edge Trends In Machine Learning In 2019

Cutting Edge Trends In Machine Learning In 2019

  • Machine learning is advancing to improve health and cybersecurity.
  • Machine learning is starting to learn from itself through automation.
  • Before long, it may be impossible to tell the difference between AI and humans.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence trends have been making headlines for the last several years.

While most people think of this is just for robots, it’s so much more than that. In fact, you probably interact with some form of AI on a regular basis.

As with most technology trends, though, machine learning is still advancing and 2019 is no exception. To get an idea of what could be possible in the years to come, take a look at some of these innovative trends.

Cybersecurity Gets A Boost

You can’t watch the evening news or get online without hearing about another cybersecurity incident. As the statistics CSO has gathered point out, cybersecurity is a growing problem. The most staggering statistic is it takes most organizations 191 days on average to discover they’ve been breached.

This is where machine learning comes into play. Hackers are always introducing new forms of attack, but artificial intelligence companies are fighting back by creating software that learns from cyberattacks to strengthen security naturally and anticipate potential future attacks.

Deceptively Real Interactions

Ever thought robots could replace humans? Advancements in generative adversarial networks, or GANs, will take machine learning to the next level in 2019. This trend allows to competing networks to work back and forth until the generator network fools the discriminator network (the one that tells whether something is real or AI). At this point, the result is so deceptively real that computers and people have difficulty telling the difference.

On the other hand, deepfakes, which come from GANs, are already causing problems by creating false video and audio recordings and developing almost perfect fake images. The trick to this trend is making sure it’s only used for good.

Deep Reinforcement Learning Grows

In 2018, deep reinforcement learning allowed for the creation of new technologies, namely more realistic robots. However, the 2019 trend is to use DRL in more applications, such as finally eliminating traffic congestion by improving traffic lights.

The possibilities are fairly endless with this trend. The idea is to use machine learning to allow artificial intelligence software to not only analyze the environment, but continually adjust and improve, just the way an actual person would.

Of course, there are simpler uses too, such as personalizing a user’s experience online. From showing the perfect news stories to the right products, this type of specialized machine learning can create a far more personal online experience.

MIT Research

It shouldn’t be surprising that MIT is at the forefront when it comes to advancements in machine learning. After all, they are one of the most prestigious universities for information technology. It’s often MIT that helps introduce the latest technologies trends, along with artificial intelligence trends.

Some of the most recent ways MIT has been using machine learning include:

  • Monitoring diseases – Certain diseases, such as Parkinson’s, can be monitored via radio signals to detect potential issues, allowing patients to live more independent lives.
  • Creating more engaging work environments – A specialized screen creates the perfect working environment based on cues from the employee.
  • Auto music editing – Artificial intelligence software analyzed over 60 hours of music videos to learn how to automatically pick out and edit sounds of various instruments to make the process faster and better.
  • Better road maps – New technologies in GPS are always coming out and now machine learning is helping to create better road maps from aerial imagery. Right now, the maps are up to 45% more accurate, but improved accuracy is a machine learning trend that’s continuing to evolve.
  • Diagnose depression – Out of all the latest technologies, this one may be one of the most impressive trends. With depression and suicide rates being so high, being able to diagnose depression just from speech patterns could help save lives. This is another great example of the positive benefits of AI and machine learning.

Automated Machine Learning

It was only a matter of time before computers learned from other computers. This is the concept behind automated machine learning or AutoML. This allows artificial intelligence software to automate the machine learning process far beyond what a person could do manually. This trend is designed to help further machine learning at a much faster pace.

Machine Learning Continuing To Evolve

The biggest trend in machine learning is just how much it continues to evolve. In fact, artificial intelligence trends are quickly becoming a part of most technology trends in some way. All you have to do is look back at where machine learning started to see how yesterday’s algorithms have advanced to give us some of the most incredible technology to date.

Technology trends continue to amaze, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on artificial intelligence and machine learning as both become a large part of the technology you use today and in the future.

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