How Chatbots are Helping India's Businesses Boost Their Customer Service

How Chatbots are Helping India's Businesses Boost Their Customer Service

In the recent times, consumers expect greater responsiveness from the companies round the clock. With the advancement of technology, brands are expected to deliver consistent and swift customer service across various channels. However, transferring messages to the traditional help desks have resulted in longer waiting periods for customers and have often offered a confusing experience for support representatives. It is here ‘Chatbots’ play an important role as a modern-day game changer. These tech-enabled assistants are well-equipped to facilitate customer service engagement by ensuring quick and straightforward response while saving valuable time for personnel to concentrate on more complex demands.

Let’s take a look at how Chatbots are boosting customer services in Indian business scenario.

In the recent past, the use of the bot-enhanced customer service has been on the rise, largely due to pioneering technologies that allow businesses to identify and resolve customer grievances through messaging services. As the popularity of these bots is increasing, it is vivid that bots are here to stay.

Bots are dynamic and evolving: Solutions to the customer queries were often unhelpful or out of the context as the answers were drawn from a set inventory of the responses. Bot interactions led to a major evolution in
intelligent technology
, paving the way for advances in Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Recently, HDFC Bank, one of India’s largest private sector banks, launched its own Chatbot for Messenger. This foray into conversational banking allowed customers to transact for bill payments, booking travel, and mobile recharges. Since its launch, the bank witnessed whopping 160% month-on-month growth in transactions while garnering over 2.4 million messages. The bots sent personalized communications to customers, such as payment reminders, and was smart enough to decipher a mix of Hindi and English. The idea behind implementing Chatbot was to allow customers to conduct transactions while they chat with friends on Messenger. This definitely took the user experience in the conversational banking space to the next level.

As there is a clear symptom of ‘app fatigue’, several brands are implementing Chatbots which will serve as a gateway to engage customers on a far more personal level indicating that there are immense opportunities in customer support services.

Chatbots vs human agents: A study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by software and service provider firm Amdocs, revealed that Indian consumers loved the convenience and speed of Chatbots and more than 93% consumers engaged with Chatbots between once a day and once a month. On the other hand, 79% of consumers in India preferred live human agent over virtual agents because they believed that bots are not sufficiently equipped to deal with complex requests. There is a common perception that bots can’t understand emotions or deliver personalized offers. However, experts believe that this negative perception as just a phase as many companies are coming up with solutions that offer service providers with AI capabilities for offering highly personalized and emotionally-aware bot interactions.

With a focus on personalization, various brands believe that chat-based information and commerce will take off just like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp reaching a large number of people with over a billion users.

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