‘Ctrl + S’ your moment

‘Ctrl + S’ your moment

We want to start a lovely campaign with you, we want you to slow down and pay attention to the lovely moments happening around you. Ctrl + s is the shortcut key of save in the office suite. We want to collect these moments and 'Ctrl + s' your wonderful moments.
You are probably always busy doing something, hurry to work, hurry going home. You are all too familiar with this path to work and home. And when you got time, you may think of spending time on your phone. However, you may overlook the surprising views on these familiar roads. Like a new flower blooming on the side of the road, a small wildcat with its new friend, a redecorated coffee shop reopening, the clouds in the sky have a different color. If you ignore them, they will pass anyway.

So, let's stop now, wherever you are. Spend a brief 10 seconds or so looking at the splendid moments that are happening around you.

We hope you can use your phone or other devices to record what you think is a wonderful moment and send them to us. We’ll combine your moments into a video. It doesn’t have to be too long, about 10-20 seconds is just right. Here is a demo case we've made, let's enjoy this healing time together.

Demo video

These lovely moments will be saved successfully. You may also find some unexpected surprises from this campaign.
Participation method:

  1. You can send us an email with a beautiful moment around you: wpsofficemktg@gmail.com, you can also tell us the story of this video briefly
  2. We hope you can record your video in landscape, without filters as much as possible
  3. The video should be relatively high definition
  4. If you don't feel like taking a video, you can also send us photos.

Our campaign will last for a while, so you can send us your moment anytime till 11th September.

We hold this event to let you slow down your pace during a busy life and work, and pay attention to the scenery around you. You should know that your life is more than just work and busyness.

The clouds over your head will become different every minute, and the big trees on the roadside will have new branches every day. No matter how urgent projects we usually have to do, how urgent we’ll go to some places, the nature, cities and little creatures around us have their own pace. Usually we may not notice them, and from now on let's follow their pace and take a look at the world from their perspective.

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