Creating a Better Office Product for Mac Users

Creating a Better Office Product for Mac Users

January 13, 2020

For Mac users, finding software that is optimized specifically for their operating system can be a massive hassle. Not all companies devote the same amount of care to creating a product for an operating system that makes up a relatively small percentage of the overall market. Consequently, Mac users often have no choice but to settle for whatever software is available, and prepare for their complaints to go unanswered.

One issue which is not unique to Mac users is the fact that one has to pay for the privilege of using Microsoft Office. You can choose to pay either monthly or yearly for a subscription, or you can make a one-time purchase and download the software directly onto your computer. Either way, it doesn’t come cheap: a monthly subscription to Office 365 for one person costs $6.99 a month, and a one-time download will cost you $149.99 (and doesn’t even include the premium versions of the software).

Those who opt for the one-time purchase should be aware that their version does not offer support for any devices outside of the one it is downloaded on; in other words, it cannot also be used on their mobile phones or tablets. The same people should also be aware that the company only supports the three most recent versions of MacOS, which could require individuals to repurchase the software more often than they would like. In other words, Microsoft Office is a significant investment for Mac users, and one that might cause more inconvenience than anything else.

At Kingsoft, we’ve developed our latest version of WPS Office 2020 specifically to meet the needs of Mac users. We’ve created a product that is able to run seamlessly on both MacOS devices and iOS devices, giving users the ability to access their work no matter where they are. Most importantly, WPS Office 2020 offers Mac users the same functionalities of Microsoft Office, while also being a much more cost-effective solution for those looking for a fast, reliable, highly capable office suite that is compatible with most operating systems and takes up less space than similar software. Additionally, users have access to thousands of templates as well as the WPS Cloud, and can synchronize documents across devices.

It’s safe to say that there is no longer any reason for Mac users to feel left behind.

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