Best Mac Office App for your new Macs with the Apple Silicon M1 Chip

Best Mac Office App for your new Macs with the Apple Silicon M1 Chip

Apple has released its first self-developed Chip M1 last month, which is the first ARM-based system on a chip (SoC). The arrival of a new chip and system means that related apps need to be updated on Mac. At the same time, this update has caused many apps to crash, forcibly exit or fail to open when running on Mac.

However, WPS, as an influential office tool, having updated their products promptly and actively adapted to the mainstream platform, has launched a new version to adapt to Mac with M1.


WPS Office for Mac Trial Version supports Intel+ Apple Silicon, macOS X 10.12 and above systems - that is to say, it is compatible with new models equipped with M1 Chip, including the newly MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini.


Not just that, in addition to being perfectly compatible with the M1 Chip, this new version has other places that have also been updated.

Now, let us check the latest version and its features...
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The new widgets and Handoff

The new Widgets are added to delivers users complete document operations better speed. Even when dealing with multiple objects in a large document, the editing operation is still smooth, and functions such as Handoff and Widgets (just like a notification centre) can achieve better performance on Apple Silicon.


In the past, when users needed to browse/edit recently documents, they needed to open WPS Office Home Page and open the Recently Visited in the document list. Now with Widgets, users can open recently accessed records with ONE click without opening/switching app.


In general, using the new version of WPS Office for Mac to open multiple documents at the same time, the speed will become faster. When users browse documents, the content can be zoomed and scrolled after Apple updated the M1 Chip.

Now, WPS Office Trial Version for free on Mac is available. You can download here>>

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