Augmented Reality: An Expanded View of the World

Augmented Reality: An Expanded View of the World

If you hadn’t heard about augmented reality before last July when Pokémon GO was released, you’ve probably heard of it now. The free mobile app sensation, downloadable for iOS and Android, took the world by storm—today there are reportedly around 20 million active users.

What’s so exciting about Pokémon GO—which uses the GPS on your own smartphone to give you a screen vision of blended reality and augmented reality with a Pokémon appearing right in your own actual range of vision in the real world—helps explain why the overall concept of augmented reality is so exciting. What could be more enticing than turning your actual environment and sights around you into a digital interface, with virtual objects becoming an integral part of the real world in real time?

If catching digital Pokémons isn’t your thing, though, there are still plenty of other options and possibilities for the concept that you might enjoy. First, since augmented reality can be used on any screen or connected device, we recommend using WPS Office as your interface, either for Android or iOS. Now read through these categories of augmented reality tools, and see if any stir a creative idea that might enhance your personal or professional life:

  • Info-bearing browsers. Imagine being able to point your iPhone at a store and see information about it on your screen, like historical or pricing data. That’s something you can do with an augmented reality browser, which allows you to receive contextual information on your screen, literally at your fingertips, depending on what you point your phone at.

  • 3D viewers. For a different view of your surroundings, try out an augmented reality 3D viewer. This lets you project a life-size 3D representation of objects right in front of you into your environment. You can use trackers for these, but you don’t have to.
  • Head-mounted displays. Don’t feel like holding your phone while you explore augmented reality options? You can also use special glasses or lenses as part of a display you wear on your head—the concept is much like donning the 3D glasses you get at the movies, where your entire field of vision becomes taken over by your augmented reality! It doesn’t get more lifelike than this if you’re trying to trick yourself into thinking what you see in digital reality is really there.
  • Creative gaming. Pokémon GO may be the most famous example of augmented reality gaming, but it is far from the only AR game in town. A wide range of designers have used the concept to help gamers immerse themselves in their digital play by using the world around them. Anything is fair game (pun intended) for augmented reality gaming—from “shooting” at digital monsters who appear to be right in your living room, to flying across a map of the world collecting virtual treasure.

No matter how you might want to experience augmented reality, there’s a trick or tool to fit your preferences. Think about how you can use these ideas to enhance your specific hobbies or industry; for example, to improve sales, engage more customers, or allow a higher level of creative design for your home. The challenges are infinite, so as Pokémon says: go grab ’em all!

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