Analyzing the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Future

Analyzing the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Future

The benefits of artificial intelligence can do wonders for the growth of technology in the future. We take an in-depth look at artificial intelligence and discuss ways it will improve our lives.

When we think of artificial intelligence or AI, most people imagine movies like I, Robot starring Will Smith where technology tries to overthrow human society. As a culture, we find the idea fascinating, terrifying, and all-around enigmatic.

But what is AI, really? It already exists in today's world as we strive ever farther in technological advancement. In fact, there are benefits of artificial intelligence humankind is tapping into, even now.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Better known as AI, artificial intelligence is already in use today. You can find it in the form of Google's search algorithms, Apple's digital secretary, Siri, and even your go-to date night app, Netflix.

It's the science of creating intelligent programs and technology, capable of both learning and adapting. Not all of it leads to software or technology capable of engaging humankind in conversation.

Often, we use narrow AI, which is designed to perform a specific function. Your Netflix and Google algorithms are great examples. Strong AI, on the other hand, assumes more powerful intelligence capabilities.

It's able to tap into general cognitive capabilities. A highly advanced example of this is more akin to your sci-fi imagination, such as Hanson Robotics' Sophia.

What are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

Is AI more of a benefit or a threat? The answer to that question comes down to its purpose and how it is created. For example, the narrow AI used by Netflix helps to pair you with movies and television shows you enjoy.

Siri, too, keeps its users informed, organized, and hands-free while self-driving cars are paving the way to making independent transportation more accessible. Smart thermostats like the Nest help users reduce their energy consumption.

The key is practicing AI safety and ethics, including the establishment of security, control, and validity.

When used correctly, AI:

  • Makes Technology and Tasks More Efficient
  • Allows Us to Delegate
  • Improves Our Quality of Life
  • Enhances Productivity of Various Industries

With it, we can automate and improve technological tasks and functions. It liberates us by making everyday tasks more efficient. What people fear is not AI itself, but the misuse of this technological advancement.

This includes the development of "over-intelligent" programs. Yet all too often this threat--still decades away (at least) from coming into fruition--overshadows the benefits we already see today.

AI is a tool. Used well and humankind benefits. Used poorly, and it can be devastating. However, fear should never be the reason to stunt a positive advancement.

So long as human creativity exists, AI will only continue to be developed.

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Even if you don't find the benefits of artificial intelligence influencing your everyday habits, technology itself most likely does. It's become so ingrained in society and business culture that if we pulled the plug on electricity today, most of our businesses and activities would come to a screeching halt.

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