A Letter for Special Person...

A Letter for Special Person...

Dear you,

Today is thanksgiving day, there has a special person that makes us to write this letter, we never meet, we never talk, we don‘t know where you stay, but we are close, we chat online everyday, and you know everything of us.---You are WPS Office users.

We would like to say thanks to all for supporting the WPS office. In the past two years, the whole world was suffering covid-19 and we’re still suffering. During the pandemic, work from home and study from home become trending. And it’s a new work and study method. WPS Office was also known by more people in those two years.

Until now we have 520 million monthly active users globally and are trusted by many government institutions. Ranked productivity 1st in some country’s app stores.

The growth of the WPS Office has been made with the trust and support of each of you.

We aim to be a company that our users love, our employees are proud of, and our community values the most. To provide users beyond expectations and incredible work experience. We maintain our corporate values of user-orientation, keep innovation, integrity & honesty, optimistic and resilient.

This year WPS office spares a lot of efforts to improve our product. We have new ‘WPS docs’ for both personal and enterprise to make a real-time collaboration. And we adapt to folding screen phones to provide a more smooth working experience on folding devices. We also cooperate with the Indonesian ministry of education, technology, and culture to provide 500+ university faculty and students with free 2-year WPS Office premium and template premium.WPS Office welcomes all kinds of suggestions and feedback, all those precious suggestions mean a lot to us.

Every day plenty of users send us feedback and suggestions for improving our apps. We have a full process of getting feedback and making improvements. When you send us a message through any methods, your suggestions and feedback are all be marked by us.

WPS Office has grown from a word processor software to a fully functional office suite but still has not stopped growing and we’re so thankful that you choose to trust and work with us. As always, we invite you to work with us and give us different opinions constantly, so that we can work together with high efficiency and pleasure.

In closing, the pandemic is not over yet, so take care of yourself and stay in a positive mood. Thanks for your accompany, wish you have an unforgettable thanksgiving day.

Thanks dear users,

-WPS Office Team

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