9 Best Productivity Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

9 Best Productivity Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

Do you want to get more out of your day? If so, these productivity apps are an absolute must!

As an entrepreneur, time is everything. Your business takes up all of your life. It's easy to feel like there are not enough hours in the day. But the key to balancing your work life is staying productive.

With hours of hard work and sleepless nights, it's easy to zone out and fall asleep at your text. Fortunately, technology provides us with different easy ways to stay productive and get our work done in a timely manner.

Here are 9 productivity apps you should start using.

1. WPS Office

WPS offers some of the best new apps on the market when it comes to mobility and productivity since they allow you to sync your Office files on both PC and iOS/Android. You can boost the power of Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, and more with WPS Office apps--plus the power of WPS Cloud.

This wide range of capabilities is what makes WPS Office the most complete and affordable application available for entrepreneurs. As a highly flexible office suite, WPS Office supports small and medium businesses in making the most of their limited resources and time with the most affordable, complete office productivity suite around. If you're ready to take your small business to the next level, visit us here to see what WPS Office can do for you.

2. Braintoss

Do you tend to forget important information? You'll benefit from Braintoss. This app sends you reminders.

You'll write your thought, activity or reminder in the note section. You can also speak your thought in the app or send a picture of something important.

Braintoss will transcribe your words and can turn your image into a written reminder.

The app will send your memo to your inbox. Whether you need a reminder or a way to vent, Braintoss can help you remember important things. Braintoss is also great if you need to remember something important while you're busy.

3. FollowUp

FollowUp is another reminder app. As a busy entrepreneur, it's easy to forget things. But FollowUp's easy platform ensures you'll never forget to, well, follow up.

FollowUp collects your emails, text messages, and unanswered phone calls. They send you a reminder to respond or follow up with your contacts.

FollowUp also tracks when these contacts reach out to you again and remind you to reach out to them.

You can also customize these reminders. Tell FollowUp you need to contact someone on a certain day, and they will send you a reminder on that day.

4. Muzzle

Picture this scenario: you're showing a client something on your phone and a push notification appears. But the notification is from a friend, sending a picture of you from a party over the weekend.

Obviously, this isn't something you want a client seeing. Just to be on the safe side, download Muzzle. This free app prevents push notifications from certain messaging programs.

In short, Muzzle will turn off text and social media messages while your phone is in "sharing mode." You can also turn on "Do Not Disturb" and hide all notifications.

This app is recommended also when sharing a presentation or even sharing your device with employees.

5. Unclutter

If you're the kind of person who tracks everything on your phone, cluttering your phone is easy. If your information gets lost or forgotten, you need an app to organize all of your information. Unclutter is the app that can do it all.

Unclutter helps organize your files, notes, and any to-do lists. If you have a Mac computer, hover your cursor over the top of your screen and the app emerges as a dropdown.

Unclutter will only appear on your screen when you access it. Your files and lists won't emerge on your screen; they will all be organized on one page. This prevents your computer from looking cluttered.

6. Yoink

Do you struggle with working slowly? Do you need lots of resources for your job, and have trouble organizing them? Yoink is the app for you.

Yoink temporarily holds onto your main pages and files so you never lose sight of them.

You're not spending time trying to find these important resources and you don't risk deleting or removing a useful source. Since your resources are all in one place, your work is finished faster.

Keep in mind, this app is only available for Mac users. But Yoink is available on your Mac computer, your iPad, and your iPhone.

7. Cushion

As a freelancer or a remote employee, do you manage your own work and work on your own schedule?

Unless you're an organizational wizard, this can be problematic without a boss looking over your shoulder. Fortunately, Cushion can keep you on the right track.

Cushion organizes your day. You clock in and it calculates your eight hour day with a break. This prevents you from overworking and underworking. If Cushion sees you're over or underperforming, they will send you a notification.

Cushion also gives you options to view your schedule on a monthly and even a yearly basis.

8. Charlie

Do you struggle with hiring or collaborating with the right people? Before you hire someone new or have a meeting with a new client, it's helpful to know who you're meeting. Charlie is a free app that can help with this.

Charlie researches different people on the web.

Charlie accesses thousands of resources and displays their results on one sheet. This saves business owners time and prevents them from doing background and social media checks themselves.

Charlie also does helpful research, such as competitor research. If you're looking for a new employee or working with a new client, you can see if they have had any interactions with your competitors.

9. Harvest

Do you spend too much time on a project? Or not enough time? Get a project-optimized time tracker. Harvest is a free app that tracks the time you spend on assignments.

Unlike typical stopwatches, Harvest records business time and manages budgets and time constraints.

Harvest doesn't only work with current projects. Harvest can predict time for future projects and the expected budget based on time worked.

Time to Use These Productivity Apps

Whether you're a freelancer or a business owner, it's easy to get off track.

Fortunately, productivity apps are here to help. Whether you struggle with organizing your work or forget to contact clients, there's an app that can make you a better worker.

There's no reason to stress over the small things. These apps are easy to use and will make your business life better. Whether the apps are free or expensive, they will improve your work life.

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