8 Ways Slack Messenger Can Benefit Your Team

8 Ways Slack Messenger Can Benefit Your Team

If you don't have productivity with your team, you're not going to get very far.

You can have the best and most talented professionals available at your disposal, but if you're not all able to put your heads together toward a common goal, it's all moot.

If you'd like to ramp up this level of productivity, the Slack app is your best friend.

This is a platform that is available in web browsers, computer app, and mobile app versions. It's a chat application that lets you add people to groups and communicate in ways that are tailor-made for business and creativity.

With this in mind, consider these eight ways that this messenger platform can be great for your team.

Slack Communication Is Seamless

There is a reason that email is becoming obsolete when it comes to high-powered business communication.

Email communication allows you to convey information, but you are still subject to whatever length of time it takes people to respond, clutter that causes emails to get overlooked and the dreaded spam folder.

With this messenger, on the other hand, you will be able to have seamless communication with anyone on your team. Not only will they get the message as soon as you send it, you will be notified whenever the message is read.

The messenger will also let you know when someone is typing, and timestamps all of your messages.

Since time is money and teams can only build together when they are on the same page, this form of seamless communication can be a game changer no matter your goals.

You Can Set Up Separate Groups For Better Focus

Organization is key when it comes to getting everybody on the same page. This platform has tons of organizational tools, including separate groups that allow you to speak to people on an as-needed basis.

For instance, managers that are heading up specific projects will be able to blast out messages to the people working under them without involving others who are not part of the project.

This level of separation guarantees that the signal is clear and that people are getting your messages in enough time to do something with the information. You will quite quickly notice an uptick in your team's productivity since you're cutting the fat in communication and getting directly to the point.

Since goals and belonging are central to team-oriented focus and productivity, separating into groups can be just what you need.

Slack Allows You To Share Files Easily

Filesharing is essential in today's business climate because this is how so much communication is done.

With this messenger, you don't need to worry about cluttering email boxes with large files, because everything is kept in the cloud. This also does away with accidental deletions and other mistakes.

Everyone is able to log in to the platform and have access to the files whenever they need them. You will be able to post them seamlessly without having to wait for loading times or worry about file size limitations.

Working in this way keeps everyone on target and makes it so that you are sharing more specific information in a meaningful manner.

For example, whether you are sending video files, audio files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or any other files, this messenger allows you to do so with no problem at all.

Suppose you are running a small business or managing a team with WPS Office. You can use Slack to notify you when files are shared or uploaded for seamless work.

Everyone On The Team Gets Alerts When Mentioned

The problem with email is that the turnaround time is so tremendously long.

If you have an urgent matter they need someone's attention in the Slack app, all you need to do is add a simple @ symbol.

This simple procedure lets you ping someone directly so that they can respond to your chat with high priority. They'll be able to get the message and respond to you right away.

Since this application is also tied to an email account, they will receive an email notification that they have been messaged directly.

By using this form of direct communication, it is only natural that you will make your team more productive in the long run.

The Platform Is Optimized For Mobile, So You're Always Connected

Slack has great apps on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Because of this, you can communicate just as easily in the office as you can remotely. Someone can be involved in a conversation at their computer and communicate it when they grab their phone and head out the door.

It flows seamlessly no matter what platform you're on and keeps your team in the game on a 24-hour basis.

It Easily Integrates Into Existing Services

When it comes to conducting business, people are heavily reliant on services like Skype, Facetime and Google Drive.

The benefit of Slack is that they integrate with these sorts of services, so you don't need to worry about logging in and out. You will have the opportunity to keep everyone on the same accord since those services only add to Slack's capability.

A simple text meeting can quickly become a video chat, which means that you are getting your message across in different formats.

The Search Process Is Powerful And Simple

When you open up Slack, the search box is a godsend.

It has simple functions that let you search the entire history of a chat group. This way, information is never lost and never needs to be deleted or otherwise sorted.

As long as you have an account and are logged in to a group, you'll be able to use this powerful tool.

The App Can Build Fun And Camaraderie

Finally, this app is a good way to build your team chemistry.

It's said that we're less social today, but this doesn't have to be the case. While technology decreases the necessity of face-to-face conversation in some situations, it keeps people closer because we can now communicate more frequently.

Having this app keeps you and your team in constant communication in a fun platform filled with smiley's, gif sharing and other features. This environment is a foundation for fun and creativity, which makes for excellent team building.

What's your benefit been with the Slack app? Let us know in the comments.

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