8 Android Apps To Keep You More Organized In 2018

8 Android Apps To Keep You More Organized In 2018

Ready to escape the chaos of 2017? Put your smartphone to good use and download a few organizational Android apps.
Turn 2018 into the year you organize everything your life. From to-do lists to brainstorming the next great novel, there’s an app to help you out.
Try out all eight. Odds are, you’ll fall in love with several and use them every day to keep your life, tasks and goals on track.

1. Evernote
It’s hard to have a list of organizational Android apps without Evernote. Capture ideas, take notes, make lists and much more. Organize by keyword and notebook. You can even add audio and handwritten notes, which are both fully searchable. The free version offers everything you need to quickly organize ideas, goals and more. Plus, the app syncs across all your devices.

2. LastPass
Hate trying to remember passwords? Don’t resort to keeping them on sticky notes around your computer or in plain text on your phone. Instead, try LastPass. It’s easy to organize all your passwords in a single place. The app even creates stronger passwords for you. All you need to remember is a single password and LastPass does the rest. You stay more secure and more organized.

3. 24me
24me puts all your tasks, dates and schedules together in a single app. Instead of having to input everything manually, 24me links to all your accounts to sync them together. Get reminders about upcoming bills, holidays, special events and more. You can even complete tasks straight from the app, such as sending an email, buying gifts and paying bills.

4. Wunderlist
Wunderlist is one of the best Android apps for organization and collaboration. It’s not just for to-do lists. Capture all your ideas and lists and sync them between all your devices. The best part is Wunderlist allows you to share your lists with others. Have multiple people shopping for birthday gifts? Share the list and let each person check off items as they find them. Add photos, documents, PDFs, links and more to every list item.

Wish you had a better way to organize all those articles and videos you don’t have time to check out right now? Bookmarks are great, but those get out of hand fast. Plus, you have to be online to view them. Pocket lets you quickly add items to view later. All saves are synced across devices and you can even view items offline. This is ideal for saving data and checking out content when you don’t have a signal.

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a digital recipe app that helps organize your life. While it doesn’t have anything to do with food, you create special applets that link together accounts to perform tasks automatically. For instance, set an applet to tell you the weather at a certain time each day through Google Home. Have your Android photos backed up automatically to Dropbox. There’s very little you can’t automate with this app.

7. WPS Office + PDF
Create to-do lists, budgets, presentations and much more with WPS Office. Use spreadsheets to keep track of collections, such as movies and music. It’s one of the best Android apps for organizing notes, lists and finances. It even has a PDF feature that allows you to scan in documents, such as receipts, and save them as PDFs. It’s easy to save everything to your favorite cloud service automatically so you never lose anything.

8. Google Keep
Google Keep is kind of like a mix between Wunderlist and Evernote. Keep track of everything that’s important in your life in a single app. It’s one of the top Android apps for organization. With color coding and keyword labels, it’s easy to find what you need, even if you have hundreds of notes. Get reminders at specific times or when you’re at a certain place. You can even share your notes with others to collaborate.

If getting more organized is one of your resolutions for 2018, make sure you download at least one of these apps today.

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