6 Ways Document Templates Save You Valuable Time And Effort

6 Ways Document Templates Save You Valuable Time And Effort

Creating documents from scratch can take forever. This is especially true if you’re constantly creating the same types of documents over and over.
Document templates can save you hours of time and effort. Why don’t people take advantage of them, though?

From being hard to find to not being compatible with your word processor, there are valid reasons. However, the right word processor has numerous templates to make creating documents easier than ever.

1. Increase Efficiency

Becoming more efficient is a goal numerous people set for themselves. A quick Google search for “be more efficient” gave us over 665 million results. Zdravko Cvijetic explains just how important efficiency is and various ideas for how to improve yours.

What he doesn’t mention is the use of document templates. For anyone who creates documents, this is a quick way to boost your efficiency. Imagine not having to start from scratch. You don’t have to edit all the formatting, add in various components and organize the structure before even beginning to add any real content. Do this each time you create a similar document and you’ll easily save hours, even after just several documents.

2. Keep A Consistent Format

Did you know your mind can hold as much as 2.5 million gigabytes of data? However, your short term memory only holds up to seven items for around 20 seconds. This means when it comes to formatting a document from scratch, you’re probably going to spend quite a bit of time trying to remember if you used an H3 or H2 heading or whether you used larger or smaller bullets for you lists.

Thanks to document templates, you don’t have to sit and wonder what you did last time or even earlier in your document. Once the template is in place, you fill in the blanks. The formatting is done and it stays consistent from one document to the next. If you’re sending documents to customers or co-workers, having that consistency makes your work stand out.

3. Improve Accuracy

How often have you forgotten to add a section to a document? Maybe you missed the header or didn’t add a list in the right place. Perhaps you were creating a resume and forgot to add your references. Document templates save you valuable time and effort by reducing how much you might forget. Since many sections and formatting is already in place, you spend less time trying to remember what to add and more time just filling in the template.

4. Automating Aspects

If you create the same type of document over and over, why not automate the process and save yourself time? A document template handles the layout, formatting and more simply by opening the template. Suddenly, you don’t have to waste time with the repetitive task of creating the same document. All you have to do is add new content to the template and you’re finished. Doesn’t that sound better?

5. Look More Professional

Did you know just the look of your resume can improve or ruin your chances at your dream job? It’s true. If the layout is weird or the formatting is off, your resume could be tossed in the trash before a potential employer ever reads it. The great thing is resume document templates help your resume look more professional, even if you don’t have a clue about what you’re doing.

The same holds true for other types of documents. If you want to give a document a more professional look, start with a template. Templates are designed based on what’s usually expected for that document format. While you can change it up a little, you’ll still have a far more professional looking document by using a template.

6. Learn New Document Types Quickly

What if you’re tasked to create a document type you’re not familiar with? Maybe you’ve never written a table of contents before or created a business plan? Simply bring up a document template to help get you started. There’s usually a template for most any type of document you want to create.

With WPS Office, you get numerous templates to create a wide variety of documents. You can even create your own custom templates to save even more time if you want. Our templates are included with the free and premium versions of our software.

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