6 Tech Trends We are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

6 Tech Trends We are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

November 13, 2018

What are you thankful for in the tech world?

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and be grateful for all the wonderful people and things in your life.

While you’re probably grateful for your health and loved ones, what about all the amazing tech that makes your life easier? After all, some of that tech likely makes it easier to stay in contact with your loved ones.

Here are just a handful of the more recent tech trends we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1. Artificial Intelligence

“Alexa,” “Siri,” “Hey Google” and “Cortana” are some of the most useful words in recent years. Forget having to drag out your laptop to search for some obscure fact to prove your friend wrong. Now, just ask your favorite virtual assistant to help you out. From making it easier than ever to order what you need to securing your home, there’s little AI in the form of smart home speakers or mobile devices can’t do.

Go ahead and admit it. You love how easy all of them are to use too.

2. Subscriptions For Everything

This might not sound like a tech trend, but it’s actually one we love. Remember the days when you had to buy everything individually, except magazines? Now, ecommerce is changing to offer subscriptions for nearly everything. The best part is it’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of the things you love. Want to subscribe to a dozen different digital magazines? Get a monthly subscription to sites like Texture and Readly to read all the subscriptions you want for a single monthly price.

Of course, you might not even know what you want, but subscription boxes take your interests and send you items you might like. From comic book collectibles to kitty toys, there's something for everyone.

3. AR & VR

While augmented and virtual reality aren't exactly the same, they are similar technologies. Both AR and VR are changing how you play games and socialize when you're far away. However, one area we're truly thankful for is healthcare. These two technologies are revolutionizing healthcare. From improving surgical training to finding the optimal place for an IV, everyone benefits. ZDNet showcases three new innovative ways VR and AR are changing healthcare.

4. Smart Appliances

Smart gadgets aren't exactly a new tech trend, but they is always something new around the corner. Smart appliances are the newest area to make lives easier. Who doesn't want an oven that allows you to control it remotely from your smartphone? No need to remember to adjust the temperature. Get a reminder and set it from the comfort of your living room.

Of course, smart microwaves are coming in to play now and for that we're thankful. The must-have kitchen appliance that makes cooking easier for even the worst cooks now sets your time when you scan the code on your microwavable dinner. They can also guide you through recipes.

5. Homes That Adjust Automatically

Smart homes are just going to get more advanced and we're thankful for that this Thanksgiving. It's nice coming home after hard day and just the right lights come on as you pull into the driveway and your front door unlocks so you don't have to fumble for your keys in the rain.

And even though you save energy by setting your thermostat low in the winter, it adjusts to a more comfortable temperature as you step through the door. You can even program your shower to adjust to the right temperature and water pressure with a few taps on your smartphone. Any home that adjusts to your preferences to make you feel more at home is something to be thankful about.

6. 5G

It's not widely available just yet, but it's coming. We're just thankful that this tech trend is almost ready to launch for the masses. Think of it as 4G speeds on steroids. In fact, 5G is even faster than consumer broadband, which is why it's highly likely it'll be used as an alternative to cable Internet. Verizon is currently working on that plan right now, though it's only available in select areas.

While it probably won't be widely available for several years, some are already enjoying having a movie download to their phones in seconds versus minutes. Tech Radar has you covered for all the geeky details, but in layman's terms – it's really fast.

That wraps up our list of tech trends we're thankful for this Thanksgiving. What about you? Any recent tech trends and gadgets you're excited about or can't imagine living without?

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