6 Majors With Higher Paying Careers To Start Right After Graduation

6 Majors With Higher Paying Careers To Start Right After Graduation

  • Engineering and Computer Science majors earn around $100,000 per year.
  • Business majors have the most flexibility with careers.
  • Expect to spend more time in school for higher paying healthcare careers.

  • As your college graduation approaches, all you can think about is what comes next. Finding the perfect job isn’t always easy. The average college [debt is over $37,000](https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/15/heres-how-much-the-average-student-loan-borrower-owes-when-they-graduate.html) and likely to keep increasing. With up to 65% of careers requiring a college degree by 2020, a college education is becoming more important than ever before.

    Luckily, higher paying careers are available right after graduation. Get your foot in the door in one of these careers and you’ll pay off your debt much faster and have plenty left over for your own place and a nice new car.

    Business Majors

    Business majors have a wide variety of careers to choose from. In fact, a business administration degree is one of the more versatile options. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business management positions range from $46,890 to $129,380 per year, with most paying an average of over $70,00 per year. Businesses always need new managers and as you move up, you salary increases as well.

    Business majors are also in a great position to start their own business. The options are endless for this one and vary based on your interests and other skills. For instance, you might create online classes to guide others in managing their own businesses or develop a product to successfully sell online.

    Marketing Majors

    Marketing majors are set up for success if they step into the right career after graduation. You can work in sales, advertising, public relations and many other areas. The highest salaries are in management and analyst positions. While it may take a few years to reach these higher median salaries, you’ll still start out earning quite well.

    Some of the highest paying careers to start right after you graduate include:

    Engineering Majors

    Careers for engineering majors depend on their area of focus. However, engineering in general is one of the highest paying majors due to the technical skill involved. For instance, in ThinkAdvisor’s list of highest paying majors, you’ll quickly see that most of the list is different types of engineering majors. Some of the best paying careers to start in after you graduate include:

    Computer Science Majors

    With technology advancing rapidly, computer science majors have a wealth of opportunities available. However, in STEM careers, businesses are looking for the most highly skilled individuals. This creates a competitive environment.

    However, if you have the required skills, you could start a high paying career in one of these areas:

    Finance Majors

    Finance majors typically start their careers in accounting and analyst positions. You could start as a bank teller or enter into higher paying careers from day one. All you need is a bachelor’s degree to earn over $70,000 per year. Obviously, these careers all have the potential to pay much more as you gain experience. Some of the best options include:

    Healthcare Majors

    For the majority of higher paying careers in healthcare, you’ll need a doctoral or master’s degree. However, you only need a bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse with an average salary of $70,000 per year. If you do have a higher level degree, BLS lists multiple careers with average salaries of over $100,000 per year.

    Don’t let your college debt get you down. Start paying it off quickly by going from graduate to high earner by applying for higher paying industries.

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