5 Tools For Managing Your Working Hours Efficiently and Effectively

5 Tools For Managing Your Working Hours Efficiently and Effectively

Working in an efficient and time-effective fashion is something which a huge number of us struggle with, and time management really is one of those aspects of productivity which has a tendency to be overlooked. Think about your own working and studying habits: how often have you misjudged how long a project will take to complete? How many times have you organized your tasks poorly? How regularly do time management errors set you back on your workload, and lead to missed deadlines or last-minute struggles? The chances are, if you struggle with time management, these things happen regularly… and you’re in real need of assistance when it comes to managing your working hours.

For students that are looking to increase their free time, an option is to use essay writing services. For everybody else, there are apps and programs we can use every day of the year to stay on top of our work. It’s interesting (and rather ironic, in a way) that mobile devices and smartphones are both the key culprit in low productivity, procrastination, and poor time management. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, and millions upon millions of cat videos to watch on YouTube.

Considering the fact that we all have a smartphone on our persons more or less 24/7 these days, why not start making that device work in your favor, instead of working against you? With these five apps and recommended online tools, you’ll be able to get your time management back in top-notch shape quickly, and you’ll soon be waving bye-bye to lost hours, rushed deadlines, and procrastination. Ready to find out more? Of course, you are!


Upon being launched just a couple of years ago, Things was generally considered to be among the very best to-do list apps available for your smart device. In fact, many people were claiming that this particular app is so perfect in its simplicity and streamlined nature that it couldn’t get any better… but then those clever-clogs over at Things HQ went ahead and improved it anyway. The newest version of Things is, frankly, a work of genius. It not only allows you to construct clear and concise to-do lists, but it also allows you to add more detail, break down lists in long and short term goals, and add headings and subheadings that increase their clarity and effectiveness. Simply brilliant, and a must-have app for everyone looking for a productive 2019.


Find yourself struggling with time optimization and task management? You need Evernote in your life, and you need it pronto. This leading app is hugely popular with students and professionals alike, and not without good reason: it’s amazingly versatile and allows you to create and save notes in both traditional written format, and in audio format, too - brilliant for making plans and changing your notes on the go! You can even bookmark articles and web pages for revisiting later, and it syncs beautifully over a wide range of platforms.


If you’re looking to construct your own applets with which to boost your productivity, but have little or no experience in programming, then IFTTT (If This, Then That) is the app you need in your phone. It brilliantly enables you to link together a wide array of services and quickly creates pathways and recipes which will trigger all kinds of actions, depending on your criteria and pre-set conditions. The latest version of IFTTT offers over 300 channels, which provide so much room for personalization that it’s hard to believe without exploring it yourself. The best bit? It’s totally free and will continue to grow and impress in the nearest future. Get on board!


Procrastination is the ultimate enemy of productivity, and YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and all the rest have a nasty habit of eating away at your time with an unstoppable appetite, as we all know too well. If you want to improve your time management, cutting down on procrastination is an absolute must, and getting to grips with your bad habits is the key to forging new positive ones. Rescuetime ticks away in the background of your devices and monitors how much time you’re wasting on various apps. Then, at the end of the day (week, etc.), it will deliver a report on how you’re using your device, and show you what you need to stop doing in order to get more work down. You can even set it to trigger alarms to stop you from watching those pointless videos if that’s a vice you’re eager to quit! Ideal for anyone looking to get better at knuckling down to the task at hand.


Task management and time management are two sides of the same coin, and when one of those factors improves, the other one invariably improves alongside it. Proofhub is, in essence, a fantastically streamlined task manager, and it allows you to bring your teams, clients, projects, and essays under the same roof, keeping everything in one place and allowing you to run your tasks with a range of functionalities. The result? A better flow, improved time use and efficiency, and less stress. When productivity increases, everyone’s a winner!

That’s it: five excellent tools for 2019 which will help you make the most of your working hours. With these top apps, you can say goodbye to last-minute panics and rushes, and welcome in a new age of efficiency and effectiveness. Try them today!

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