5 Techtrends to Watch Out for in 2019

5 Techtrends to Watch Out for in 2019

Sometimes technology advances faster than we realize!

From the drone industry to artificial intelligence, products that we once thought were only for the military are entering the private sector at record speed. It's even been estimated that the drone industry will be worth $127 billion by 2020!

Stay ahead of the game and read about these five new techtrends that you should be on the lookout for in 2019.

1. Virtual Reality

Before games like Pokemon Go, not many people knew how mainstream virtual reality really was. Then, as people started walking out into streets and running into others, the world suddenly became acutely aware of both the joys and drawbacks of virtual reality.

However, the gaming industry isn't the only industry that is seeking to take advantage of the potentials of VR. Online shopping sites like IKEA and even apartment complexes are creating ways to allow customers to sample products and take tours from the comfort of their own home.

We're sure to see more of this technology as marketing try harder and harder to connect with their customers.

2. Video Views Consume Internet Traffic

As our attention spans grow shorter and shorter, ad agencies are catching on. More ads are created in snappy, catchy video form than ever before. The Washington Post even predicts that 80% of time spent on the internet will be viewing videos by 2019.

While ad blockers have eliminated the effectiveness of pop-up videos, companies are now streaming live events and posting behind-the-scene content to make the customer feel more included.

Simply adding a video to an email newsletter is likely to boost the click-through rate by 200-300%!

It doesn't look like those shrinking attention spans aren't going to get much help any time soon.

3. Data

Data is the new commodity. Not for the customer, mind you. For the corporation. Free apps and games are being created every day for the consumer to enjoy because their data and purchasing habits are being collected and sold to third parties.

It sounds suspicious, but collecting data is an extremely beneficial industry because customers are becoming more and more closed off to direct sales ads. Marketers are having to find ways to personalize ads in ways that tailor each specific customer.

This evolution in technology is perfect for small businesses who want to narrow down their demographic.

4. Artificial Intelligence

What do you think when you hear "artificial intelligence"?


When some people are extremely suspicious of the concept, AI has already made itself at home in our lives. If you use a fingerprint scanner, voice command, or facial recognition for your phone or computer, you're using AI. It simply adapts as you use it.

This new technology won't take away all jobs. On the contrary, more people will be needed than ever to build and create all of this technology. 2019 will likely be an important part of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Rather than losing their jobs, people will simply have to adjust to more prevalent industries.

5. Wireless & 5G

4G has been the standard for high-speed internet in the West for a few years now. However, that is all about to change. All across America, new and advanced cell towers are being installed in cities and neighborhoods that will be capable of transmitting 5G internet.

While some parts of the country are still fighting the change, a nationwide installation will bring America "up to speed" with other parts of the world such as South Korea and Japan. This will better fuel AI, the internet in general, and the exchange of data and information.

Techtrends to Come

Most of these new techtrends would have seemed straight out of Star Trek to the baby boomers, and they might be right. With technologies like commercial drones and 3D printing, concepts that once seemed impossible are now closer than ever.

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