4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Boost Small Business Productivity

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Boost Small Business Productivity

If you're a small business owner, there are numerous ways to increase productivity with office automation software. To learn more about the benefits of artificial intelligence, continue reading for four helpful ways.

Office automation software is proof-positive the horror stories surrounding artificial intelligence have been greatly exaggerated. More small businesses are bringing this technology into their daily routines. They're doing so because of the added efficiencies as well as the ability of AI to make employees better at their jobs.

In the following article, we'll be discussing four areas guaranteed to boost small business performance. Let's begin!

1. Hiring

Applicants, recruiters, and hiring decision-makers are relying more on AI than ever before. That gives recruiters the chance to weed out applicants who clearly don't meet the qualifications. It also allows them to focus more of their energy and time on the ones who do.

That's why you're seeing more stories about chatbots that conduct job interviews popping up at companies of all sizes. When spending thousands to onboard an employee, business owners don't have time to waste.

2. Sharpening Human Workers

AI has had some undeniably impressive results in the world of education. So, it stands to reason that trained professionals would see a similar benefit. Oft-repeated fears of "robots taking our jobs" don't apply here.

The valued talent of a small business employee is their ability to channel creative energies toward more complex problems. But that's only possible when AI eliminates the rote, mundane, and monotonous tasks of their job.

Consider the journalist writing reports on construction activities. He could parse over permits and valuations. Or, he can let the software do that for him and focus his actual reporting talents on what the data is telling him. This results in more meaningful insight and an accessible story for his readers.

3. Slashing Administrative Costs

For a partially automated company like so many of the small businesses around the globe, the elimination of administrative costs and burdens is a huge deal. These brands don't have the desire to become fully automated companies. They merely want to cut through red tape as much as possible.

Examples, where AI can reduce the administrative burden, include the following:

  • Setting and confirming appointments
  • Providing account updates or payment reminders to clients
  • Facilitating transparency across the company and between the company and the public, as needed
  • Cleaning and structuring of data for reporting
  • Limiting cybersecurity risks and responses

4. Reducing Distractions and Inefficiencies

As alluded to earlier, many companies deal with repetitive inquiries and distractions that get in the way of innovation. AI has changed much of this by taking on these time-wasters and dealing with them through the use of such applications as chatbots for low-level customer service inquiries.

AI also can be used for the sorting of data, price-setting for upcoming sales, investigating frauds and disputes, and managing the marketing pipeline and call priorities for sales reps.

Office Automation Software Is the First Step

Many companies want to harness the advantages of AI, but they're unsure of where to start. The first and most important step is to carefully select office automation software that specifically addresses the needs of your business. If you're uncertain, contact us today to learn about the specific ways this technology can serve your business and your employees.

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