4 Easy Tips For Starting a Youtube Channel

4 Easy Tips For Starting a Youtube Channel

If you are thinking of creating a video blog or simply want to use video content for your website, we go over 4 easy tips for starting a youtube channel. Don't create your channel without opening this article first!

Did you know that around the world, people watch more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos each day? So, if you're looking for a potential advertising opportunity, YouTube is the best place to start.

Time to grab the camera and start shooting!

But wait a minute, not everyone who starts a YouTube channel is successful. How can you make your channel a hit? Read on to find out 4 key tips for starting a YouTube channel.

1. Smart Set Up

Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve by creating a YouTube channel? What kind of customers am I looking for? Am I trying to find new customers or to reinforce the bond with my current customers?

After you've answered these questions, you can come up with ideas for videos. For instance, tips and tricks, showcasing new products or how too guides. Do your research and find out what other similar channels are offering, don't duplicate their content, but use their ideas to refine your channel.

Write down at least 100 ideas for videos with short and snappy titles to go with them. Then type them into YouTube and see what comes up. Keep refining your gameplan until you're ready to go.

Once you've figured out your niche, you can set up your channel on YouTube. Keep reading for some YouTube video tips.

2. Create Awesome Content

So, how to make a good YouTube video? At the beginning of each video, keep your title and opening credits short and to the point - no longer than 5 seconds. Then capture your audiences attention and hook them in by making them want more.

Make the video itself interesting, useful and noteworthy. Use your emotions, tone of voice and humor to draw in the audience. You might have all the equipment and know how, but if your videos are a snoozefest, nobody will watch them.

To promote your channel, website or certain products, add end screens to each video you post. The goal is to give them a call to action and keep them within your channel, not sending them elsewhere.

3. Embrace the Technical Side

Creating a successful YouTube channel is more than just posting good content. But there are ways you can enhance your channel.

YouTube gives a maximum of 1000 characters to describe your brand. Optimize your description by adding relevant keywords and a call to action, which will help you to be found quicker in search engines.

Add a channel trailer that will introduce people to your content and grab their attention.

Use thumbnails that stand out and attract viewers. Your video might pop up in someone's suggested videos list, but if the thumbnail looks boring or overly cluttered, nobody will click on them.

4. Keep it Up!

Once you've got an audience, you need to keep them. This means asking them to subscribe to your channel and to check out your other videos.

Did you know that most of the fastest growing youtube channel stars post several times a week? Posting regularly, and at the same scheduled time slot, will raise your channel in the algorithm and get you noticed more.

According to research, the best time to post is apparently during the week, on a Wednesday or Thursday between 12-1 pm. So try posting at this time for maximum exposure.

Keep it real! Don't be a nameless, faceless voiceover, make sure to connect with your audience. Reply to their comments, invite visitors to be in a video, or have a live Q & A session. Keep them engaged by all means possible.

Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

As you can see, it's not as simple as recording and uploading. But if you follow these tips for starting a YouTube channel, your videos will, no doubt, be a success.

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