10 Reasons Why Office Suite Is Critical for Marketers

10 Reasons Why Office Suite Is Critical for Marketers

May 31, 2019

If you are still not convinced about using an office suite as a marketer then you are going to do so at the end of this article. Here we have the 10 perfect reasons why every marketer should be using an office suite and how it helps their entire marketing plan.

1. Build good looking charts

A spreadsheet software in any office suite can come in really handy for digital marketers and offline marketers alike. You can unlock the real potential of your business’ data by using available formulas in the spreadsheet application. You can add the data into the columns and have it filtered/sorted for easier understanding.
As a marketer, it’s crucial to understand the data because that’s how you drive your marketing strategy further. So, adding such visualization to your business’ data means that you can emphasize on your reports and other marketing material without much hassle.

2. Identify trends

This is another amazing use of spreadsheet software. You can actually identify trends in your business. It sounds a bit complex, but when you get the hang of it, it just takes a few clicks. You can use the sorted data to find trends in the reports and this software can also help you predict future activity through these trends.

So, a marketer is always on the lookout for trends and spreadsheet software sorts through all the data to bring you actual trends that can shape your future marketing strategy.

3. Create professional documents

A word processing software is a must-have for everyone out there. From s student to a professional marketer, everybody needs a word processing software for their daily activities. A marketer thrives upon the usage of word processing. From creating good-looking newsletters to curating their next strategy, everything is done inside a word processing software.

4. Creating marketing material

So, you want to create the perfect marketing brochure or just want to create regular flyers, well, what software do you need? A simple word processing software will suffice. You could go buy yourself something like Photoshop, but honestly, that’s not really required.

You could create amazing marketing material with a simple word processing software. All the latest word processors provide you with the ability to create material from built-in marketing templates, you can also customize these templates and add images to your documents.

All in all, an office suite will help you create the best-looking marketing material for your business.

5. Create workflow postings

You know how difficult it could be to teach someone your entire working process, the workflow. Well, presentation software can make life easier for you when it comes to workflow posting. You could use a slideshow to combine text and images in order to create the perfect workflow presentation for your marketing process.
These workflow postings can be printed and mounted inside your office or workspace to give everyone a glimpse of how your work process takes place.

6. Design awesome presentations

Well, you could only use the slideshow software to create workflows, or you could take it a step further and create amazing marketing presentations for both your clients and your superiors/stakeholders.

Yeah, a slideshow maker with the perfect mix of images and text can be a great way to market your ideas, services, and/or products to people. You could use the slideshows to create videos, or just use the actual presentation as a way to market your products. In the end, it’s all about creating an aesthetically attractive slideshow that actually attracts attention from your potential clients.

7. Craft better-looking emails

Yeah, you read that right. You don’t have to rely on your Gmail or any other email service provider’s default templates. You can craft your own personalized email template with a word processing software. You can create a signature and other details in such software and add it to all your emails.

Apart from that, you can also create attention-grabbing newsletters through software like this. You can create marketing newsletters that look good and actually persuade potential clients to take action with these attractive emails. If your office suite comes with a stand-alone email client then you can even use that to send emails without having to use any browser-based services at all.

8. Easy Budgeting

Going over-budget? Running out of budget? These are some questions that every marketer asks at certain points of their professional life. Budgeting is an important aspect of marketing as all your marketing efforts rely heavily on the budget. So, it’s really important for you to use spreadsheet software to keep track of your budget and see how you can manage it.

Spreadsheet software comes with built-in functions and formulas that help you manage your marketing budget. You can see how much your budget is, how you are spending it, where you are spending it, and what you can do to minimize the expenditure. A simple look at the data will provide you with all the information that you require regarding your marketing budget.

9. Easy PDF and ebooks

Did you know that most of the latest word processing software can easily create PDF documents for you? You didn’t know? Well, now you do.

So, you can use a word processing application to quickly create PDF documents which means you can create amazing looking ebooks directly on your PC/Laptop without having to worry about anything at all. The software will take care of the formatting and templates in most of the cases. As a marketer, you know how important it is to create and promote ebooks or other PDF documents related to your products/services. Now you can do so easily.

10. Take notes

Note taking is one of the most important things a marketer has to do. A marketer, be it digital or traditional, always has a notebook with them so they can jot down all the different marketing ideas that pop up into their head. So, a note-taking app that comes bundled with your office suite can make things a whole lot easier for you. Also, if the app is also available on mobile then you have the perfect thing because you can take ideas on the go through your mobile and access them later on your Laptop/PC.


Hopefully, now you understand how an office suite can help you with your marketing plans and provide you with all the tools to carry out your marketing strategy effectively. Feel free to let us know what you think.

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