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The Top 7 Smartwatch Apps to Use in 2019

December 10, 2018

The pace of modern life forces us to talk business and make decisions on-the-go. It is hard to imagine how would we cope with all the incoming tasks and duties without smartphones. But smartphones are not the only thing that is able to keep us productive wherever we are. Smartwatches

WPS Office Versions Release

Latest Windows Release


  • Newly supports converting pictures to Word formats
  • Supports in-app payment: via Paypal, Stripe, Avangate
  • Added quick buttons for pictures: Layout, preview, crop
  • Supports command searching

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Latest Android Release


  • Premium: Add custom watermarks and delete original watermarks in PDF Support adding text to PDF files
  • Spreadsheet:Improved SUM & AVERAGE functions
  • PDF:Add new tabs in the PDF toolbar for easy editing

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Latest iOS Release


  • New Theme Pictures for Special Features
  • Improved Scanning
  • Long Picture Saving
  • New Entry for Conferencing

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