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Must Know Excel functions that solve 80% of your work: How to use Excel as gradebook

September 17, 2020

Suppose your class is devided into groups for a impromptu quiz competation for extra credit. And you as the TA needs to keep tracking of the scores. Like this? Or, this? Wait! Before you actually do that, why not keep reading to find out the best solution with WPS college.

WPS Office Download

WPS Office for PC/Mac/Linux

  • All-in-one Mode: A sinle application opens all supported types of files
  • PDF tools integrated
  • Already launched in official website; Microsoft Store / App Store / Linux Platform.

Download at Download at Microsoft Store

WPS Office for Android

  • Added Cloud Automatic Backup function to manage computer or mobile phone focuments anytime, anywhere
  • Added tag function to WPS Cloud to classify and manage cloud documents

Download at Google Play

WPS PDF for Android

  • Added document annotation including drawing, noting and typing
  • Added document annotation list to help searching annotated items easily
  • Optimize the user experience of WPS PDF

Download at Google Play

WPS Office for iOS

  • Newly added feature “Merge and share” to merge several files to one zip file and share it.
  • More formats to conference
  • Added conference feature in Writer, Spreadsheets, and PDF

Download at App Store