WPS Most Commonly Used Shortcuts

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Improve your work efficiency by 20% using this easy-to-use shortcut on WPS Office:

common shortcuts for wps

What about the lines? A small change in the line design on your work can help it to seem more attractive. We have here some easy tips for some decorative lines.

line designs

When modifying the letters if you want just the first capital letters or all of the letters in capital. You don’t need to do it individually. That actually would be the most annoying thing (especially writing halfway back to change the first letter). Really want to be fast and beat anyone? Try this:
switch case sensitive

So for example: select “wps office a kingsoft company”

  • Press the given shortcut once => “Wps office a kingsoft company”

  • Press the given shortcut twice => “Wps Office A Kingsoft Company”

  • Press the given shortcut three times => “WPS OFFICE A KINGSOFT COMPANY”