How to Use Reading Layout Feature in WPS Spreadsheets

Reading Layout Feature is often neglected by users in WPS Spreadsheet. It is a useful feature in that you can highlight the active cell by adding background color to the entire rows and columns of the active cell. In WPS Spreadsheets, users can apply a custom color to the background of the active row and column under reading layout view. Please follow the steps below to use Reading Layout Feature and change reading layout color.

Step 1. Open a worksheet you want to scan.

Step 2. In WPS Spreadsheets, go to View > Reading Layout. Click on the top part of the reading layout button to enable reading layout view.
reading layout feature

Step 3. Click the dop-down arrow of the Reading Layout Button. Then choose a color in the drop-down list. You will find the highlight color has changed. You can choose more colors.
reading layout feature