How To Format Background Of Slides In WPS Presentation

  • WPS Office, Tutorial

Did you know the background color and design of every slide can be formatted in WPS Presentation? It is helpful to get a visual sense by formatting the colors and background of your slides. To change the background of the slide, please take the following the steps.

Step 1. Go to design tab > Background icon, a box will pop up on the right part of the Presentation.
format background of slides

Step 2. In the right box, choose a color you want, it will present you with the following options:
format background of slides

  1. To apply Gradient fill to the background, select Gradient fill and select a Gradient Style, Angle, Color, Position, Transparency, and Brightness. Click Apply to all to apply the changes.

  2. To apply Picture or texture fill to the background, select Picture, Texture, Transparency, Tile picture as texture.

  3. To apply Pattern fill to the backdrop, choose Pattern fill and select a pattern, set foreground and background color. Click apply to all to complete it.

Step 3. You can click Apply to all to apply the background to the current slide or all the slides of your presentation.