How To Convert Notes Page In Presentation To PDF

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Notes pages, or speaker notes, can be added to PPT presentation and offer reference to the presenter. In WPS Presentation, not only can you add speaker notes to your presentation, but you can also convert them to PDF together with the slide show and send it to others.

Convert speaker notes / notes pages to PDF
Step 1. Click Presentation application menu and choose Export to PDF option in the Save As drop-down list. Then the Export PDF File dialog box will open.

Step 2. In the Export options section, choose Notes pages option as the export range and then choose how many slides per page you'd like to show. You can see how the PDF file will look in the preview area on the right of this dialog.
convert notes page to pdf

Step 3. Click the OK button to complete this operation. WPS Presentation will begin to convert your presentation notes pages to PDF. After the conversion is finished, press Open File button to view the PDF document.
convert notes page to pdf